Life Inspiration

My life inspiration is definetly MUSIC in general. Especially Chris Brown. Chris Brown is a dancer and a singer. He’s very talented and want to grow up to be just like him or something close to that. Chris Brown grew up just like any normal boy with a dream of becoming a star and when he had a chance when he was at the age 16, he took it and now he’s a star, all rich and famous. So yeah he inspires me alot even know he doesn’t play sport but that’s okay but when he was in school, he always had good grades which I wished I had.

Dancing and Carousing (TL’s Version)

1.  “What, wench ! Castiliano vulgo; for here comes Sir Andrew Agueface. ” (1.3.34) I chose this line since it’s funny. Obviously Sir Toby is making fun of Sir Andrew.

2. “You mistake, knight. ‘Accost’ is front her, board her, woo her, assail her. ” (1.3.46) I chose this line because it’s very catchy.

3. “Do you not hear, fellows? Take away the lady.” (1.5.32) I chose this line because Feste is playin a joke on Olivia since Olivia is telling the servant to take Feste away but Feste saids the opposite and tell the servant to take Olivia away.

4. “I know his soul is in heaven, fool.” (1.5.57) I chose this line since this was when Olivia couldn’t stand Feste anymore and she got really mad.

Fool or not? (TL’s version)

1. Feste has probaly just arrived at Olivia’s household. The reason why it explains that Feste is at the household since it saids at the top of the scene that Maria and Feste have just entered and the scene is at Olivia’s house so Feste has just probally just entered Olivia’s house.

2. Well Feste is most likely to be a carefree fool but sometimes when he’s talkin to some people like in 1.5 , Feste was trying to woo Olivia which means hes afraid to say what he truely means and he’s just sweet talking to her which means that he’s not 100 % of a carefree fool.

3. I think that he’s a really clever person since he tricked Olivia into liking him by being a fool which is very smart and clever.

4. I would either cast Mike Myers or Owen Wilson since they’re both very famous at doing comedy. I would dress them in some kind of raggy but still very clownish since Feste is poor but he’s still a fool so dressing him in something kind of clownish can show that he’s a fool.

5. Well from the script, there isnt much things for Feste to do. Well Feste would be very active since fools are always active.

Gettin down and dirty in Thailand

ONCE upon a time in Thailand… 🙂 it was fun. I arrived in Bangkok, Thailand somwhere in April right on the day of the water festival.

When me and my family came out of the airport trying to get a taxi. It was a pretty chilly night for Thailand and I was kind of cold and I imeddietly put on my jacket. When our taxi got there, it was a MESS. The taxi was extremly dirty :O (not the inside luckly… few). It took us about 30 mintues to get into centrel Bangkok (our hotel was in the centrel muahahhaha :>). On our way there, we reconised that all the car was dirty and they were covered in this brown water which was nasty. I asked the cab driver what’s the brown water was and why is all the car covered in it. He told me that it was the water festival in Thailand and people sprayed water at each other and everything so they can get some luck (which was pretty cool). When I got into the hotel (which was 5 stars of course), I took of my clothe, and immedietly went to sleep in my boxers.

The next morining, we went to the hotel’s restaurant which was great. The food was good especially the harsh brown and the pancake. After an hour of eating breafast, we took a cab to one of Bangkok greatest shopping mall which was the ……. tower. The water celebration was still on and due to the extremly sunny day, everyone got even more crazy with the whole chucking around water at people. There were even adults having these huge water guns and they were shooting like crazy. When we got to the mall, it was alot more calm. The mall was cool and we bought alot of stuff there. Like I got these extremly sweet shoes which were pretty cheap ($40). We had lunch there and did even more shopping in the evening. At around 9, we left the mall. Everyone was still crazy about the whole water festival and this time, there was even music. Even know it wasn’t any Thai music ( I think it was Smack That by Akon), everyone was still enyoing it.

When we got to the hotel, we went to the lobby to get the keys and went up to our room. The hotel was hosting this huge water ballon fight for the guest and the staff at around 10 pm. I of coursed joined in the fun with my dad. My mum wasn’t so crazy about the whole idea of a big water ballon fight. It went to around 11 pm and it was alot of fun. I came back soaking wet and my dad didn’t since he left early. I knew that he couldn’t handle the intensity of a water ballon fight but he made up reasons like he was too tired or it was getting late, just like all dad does.

The next day, the water festival was over 🙁 but everything was still a mess. Everyone car was still dirty and I think that they didn’t want to clean their cars (probaly something to do with luck).

The next few days was all shopping and more shopping. My mom was went all crazy with the LV, Gucci, Dollice Gabbana (if that’s how you spell it). My dad was more into the book shop and the motor bike garage at the mall. I perfered Quicksilver, Billabong, nice shoes and the games and mainly manga (Japanese Comic… the best ever made :>). After a week in Bangkok, we went back to Vietnam and I could not forget about the crazy water festival.

Bye Bye Thailand and Hello Vietnam

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